What's A Better Way To Let Your 
Money Work For You?
Leave it on your bank account with the hope of getting 1.5%? 
Or Invest in Real Estate and get up to 17.00%*?

*7.00% Guaranteed Annual Return + up to 10.00% Annual Bonus

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Welcome to LuxEstate
A platform where you can become our partner and start earning money with us from Luxury Spanish Real Estate. You can now invest as little as €1,000 and start receiving Guaranteed Annual Returns + Bonuses.
Total Portfolio Value
Targeted Annual Return
Total Investors
#SmartInvestments In Real Estate
Key Aspects That Make Us
Stand Out From Others!
While creating our platform we focused on certain aspects that will minimise the risk and maximise the profits

We Dominate The Whole Industry

  • ​Our portfolio includes Modern Apartments, Luxury Villas and small Luxury Boutiques
  • ​Our assets produce 4x more rental income than usual long term rental properties 
  • ​Our clients are celebrities and business people
  • ​Our properties are situated in the most beautiful and most famous areas in Marbella
  • Our properties produce positive cashflow 52 weeks in a year
#SmartInvestments In Real Estate
How It Works
Investors entrust their funds to LuxEstate and become our partners.
Find + Analyse 
We find luxury properties, check all property financials, legal documentation and analyse the rental potential
We negotiate the final price with the owner, prepare agreement and purchase the property
We take care of the property, clients, advertisement, taxes, insurance and all repairs
We rent the property to our high profile clients
You Get Paid
Investors receive Guaranteed Annual Return of 7.00% 
+ Bonuses
#SmartInvestments In Real Estate
7.00% Return Guaranteed
Guaranteed Returns and Secure Investments is not everything that we offer to our investors. Below we present 3 additional Guaranteed Bonuses 
you will receive from investing with LuxEstate


ANNUAL BONUS up to 10.00%

You will earn up to 10.00% Annual Bonus, depending on the rental performance of all our properties



Each investor will automatically
receive an affiliate link to share with
their family and friends. Every time somebody invests via your link, we will pay you a 10.00% commission



Planning your holidays? Why not
stay in one of our properties with
20% discount?
#SmartInvestments In Real Estate
Our Investment Portfolio
Our focus is on properties with the best holiday rental potential


#SmartInvestments In Real Estate
Still Not Sure If Investing With LuxEstate Is For You?

Let Us Break Down All The Awesome Benefits You'll Get If You Invest With Us!

  • Investments: You can start investing from only €1,000 
  • ​Guaranteed Returns: Our Investors receive a Guaranteed 7.00% Annual Return 
  • Return Distribution: Monthly to investors bank account
  • Annual Bonus: up to 10.00% depending on property rental performance. (paid to investors once a year)
  • Affiliate Bonus: Every time somebody invests via your link, we will pay you a 10.00% commission
  • Holiday Bonus: Get 20% OFF when staying in one of our properties
  • ​Management Free Investments: We take care of all the work for our investors
  • ​​Secure Investments: You invest in 11 million worth of real assets
  • ​Luxury Properties: You invest in Luxury Properties
  • ​Recession Risk Free: Our properties are located in most beautiful and most famous areas in Marbella, Spain
  • ​​4x More Income: Our properties generate 4x more income than usual long term rental properties
  • Tax Benefits: You are entitled to Tax Reliefs from investing in Real Estate
  • ​No Extra Fees: No middleman, no extra fees! 
  • Agreement Terms: 1 Year +
  • Cancellation: Each investor can cancel agreement with 90 days notice period
#SmartInvestments In Real Estate
Lucas Salamander - Founder, CEO


Block 1 Corporate Park
Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland
+353 85 273 91 60


Avda. Ricardo Soriano 72
Marbella, Spain
+34 615 193 955


Badenerstrasse 47
8004 Zurich, Switzerland


Friedrichstraße 191,
10117 Berlin, Germany
E&A Management Limited trading as LuxEstate is an Irish Private Limited Company registered with Irish Company Registration Office (CRO) in Gloucester Place Lower, Mountjoy, Dublin, D01 C8P4, Ireland with registration number 648995. LuxEstate is a Real Estate Investment Platform.
Disclaimer: Lux Estate is a private limited company that owns real assets that generate profits from the activity of holiday rental. We also enable investors to make secure investments with our company. Each investor invests in our company, not in individual properties. Our Investors get returns from the total income collected from all activities provided by Company. Lux Estate is responsible for the selection and purchase of all properties in our portfolio, including those listed on our website. All properties are carefully analysed for investment profitability and potential returns before purchase. All capital entrusted by investors is intended for the purchase of further properties to increase the size of the company investment portfolio, and increase profits for investors and company. Our investors receive a Guaranteed 7.00% Annual Return along with an Annual Bonus of up to 10.00%, depending on property rental performance. Agreement terms range from 1 Year+, however investors may cancel their investment with 90 days notice.

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