Frequently Asked Questions

What is LuxEstate?
LuxEstate is Real Estate Investment Platform, allowing investors to safely invest in Real Estate.
Where does LuxEstate invest?
LuxEstate invests in Luxury Real Estate on the Costa del Sol, Spain. All properties are analysed thoroughly by our portfolio directors and financial experts to investigate all legal documentation and determine the rental potential of the properties and surrounding area.
What is the Business Model of LuxEstate?
Our Business Model is simple. We purchase luxury properties in Marbella Spain, with the purpose of short term holiday rental. All our properties are rented to high profile clients including, international business men and celebrities. This way we are able to generate 4x greater income for our investors and our company, than other long term rental businesses. 
Does LuxEstate use mortgages to purchase properties?
LuxEstate does not use mortgages from banks or financing from any other institutions. All properties are purchased entirely from funds entrusted by our investors and initial company capital. 
How does LuxEstate collect rent?
Due to the nature of holiday rental, tenants are required to book dates early to ensure availability and likewise pay for rent in advance. This way, we are able to accurately predict cash flows.
How can LuxEstate guarantee 7.00% Annual Returns?
LuxEstate does all rental income predictions and due diligence with help from external financial experts. Once rental income is collected from all properties, it is then equally distributed between investors and the company.
Who can invest with LuxEstate?
Everyone over 18 years of age, who has their own bank account and funds available for investment.
When are dividends paid to investors?
All dividends are paid to investors on a monthly basis, however investors may request to receive their Annual Return in total at the end of their agreement. 
How do I Sign Up with LuxEstate?
To sign up with LuxEstate click our 'Investor Login' button on the top right corner of our website , and fill the form with all required details on the next page. Signing up with LuxEstate does not require any payment and involves no obligation. You will simply gain instant access to our Investment Plans and all detailed documentation incl. Annual Financial Reports, Upcoming Investments and more information.
How much can I invest with LuxEstate?
The minimum investment with LuxEstate is €1,000 and the maximum investment which can be made online is €10,000. If any investor wishes to invest between €10,000 and €100,000 they will be required to get in touch with our Investor Relations team, to discuss their request. After accepting their investment offer investor will be required to make a direct bank transfer to LuxEstate. 
Can I cancel my investment?
All investors may cancel their investment provided they give 90 days notice to LuxEstate. After cancellation of the investment, all funds invested by investor will be directly transferred back to investors bank account within the 90 days.
How do I become an Affiliate with LuxEstate?
After making your first investment with LuxEstate, you will automatically receive an affiliate link which you may share with your family, friends and others. Every time somebody invests from using your affiliate link, you will receive a 10% commission from the amount they have invested. 
Example: if your friend invests €1,000 you will receive €100.


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Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland
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Avda. Ricardo Soriano 72
Marbella, Spain
+34 615 193 955


Badenerstrasse 47
8004 Zurich, Switzerland


Friedrichstraße 191,
10117 Berlin, Germany
E&A Management Limited trading as LuxEstate is an Irish Private Limited Company registered with Irish Company Registration Office (CRO) in Gloucester Place Lower, Mountjoy, Dublin, D01 C8P4, Ireland with registration number 648995. LuxEstate is a Real Estate Investment Platform.
Disclaimer: Lux Estate is a private limited company that owns real assets that generate profits from the activity of holiday rental. We also enable investors to make secure investments with our company. Each investor invests in our company, not in individual properties. Our Investors get returns from the total income collected from all activities provided by Company. Lux Estate is responsible for the selection and purchase of all properties in our portfolio, including those listed on our website. All properties are carefully analysed for investment profitability and potential returns before purchase. All capital entrusted by investors is intended for the purchase of further properties to increase the size of the company investment portfolio, and increase profits for investors and company. Our investors receive a Guaranteed 7.00% Annual Return along with an Annual Bonus of up to 10.00%, depending on property rental performance. Agreement terms range from 1 Year+, however investors may cancel their investment with 90 days notice.

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